Common Futures


Common Futures provides technical simulation modeling, spatial analysis, and GIS capabilities to address a wide range of ecological and landscape analysis problems.

Scientific Programming

Let us assist you with your scientific programming needs - data modeling and analysis, simulation modeling, machine learning, visualization. Common Futures can provide high quality applications with source code for desktop and web platforms, and can assist you in understanding and interpreting your data.

Alternative Futures Modeling

Scenario Planning provides a powerful mechanism for exploring alternative futures. With Common Futures, you can have our technical modeling team quantify the concepts and policies to understand consequences of various alternative land use policies and strategies.

GIS and Spatial Modeling

Common Futures provides basic and advanced GIS services, including spatial data analysis and spatial modeling for habitat assessments, water resources analyses, climate change mapping, and a variety of similar tasks.

Water Resources Modeling

As water becomes increaingly scarce, smart management of water resources is no longer ajust an option, it's a requirements. Our water resources specialists bring andvanced capabilities for modeling coupled water resource systems under current and future climate.


Examples of some of our projects.